Waterproofing solutions, specialists in leak detection and membrane application.

Licensed in all aspects of construction waterproofing, from eradicating rising damp to concrete cancer repair, we provide a wide variety of solutions for many different waterproofing problems. We keep up to date with the latest practices and technologies and only use high quality products from leading companies. We pride ourselves on offering the most appropriate waterproofing systems for the problem at hand.

From waterproofing bathroom and balcony substrates and removing concrete cancer to low cost shower and balcony repairs, The Water Resistance can provide the solution.


Our tag line “Waterproofing Intelligence” isn’t just a quirky sentence to go with the company name. These days, due to constant research, waterproofing technology is continually changing, producing products that are generally far superior to their predecessor therefore it is imperative that advanced waterproofing companies keep up to date with new products and practices.

The Water Resistance is constantly researching new products and the latest technologies to provide the best possible solutions for any waterproofing problem.


A lot of companies can confuse you with jargon that is only understood by other people in the profession. The Water Resistance will speak to you in plain terms, will show you the cause of the problem and will take you through the solution step by step to give you a full understanding of the process so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Licenses & Insurance

The Water Resistance is fully licensed in all aspects of construction waterproofing: License number 268783C.

Our quality control technician is also fully licensed - License number 71160S -  ensuring that there is no guess work and the quality of our work is always of a high standard.

We are also fully insured with a $10,000,000 indemnity policy and full workers compensation insurance.

Rest assured, we are the right company for the job.

Within Your Budget

There is more than one way to fix a waterproofing problem; this depends on the severity of the dampness and the reason why it’s happening. For example there are a number of ways to stop rising damp, another to hide it or it may be alleviated just with underfloor fans. Each of these solutions varies considerably in price.

Being fully trained and licensed in all aspects of construction waterproofing The Water Resistance will discuss all the available options so that we find you a solution that fixes your problem within your budget.

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Pensioner Discounts

Remember these? We believe that if you’ve made it all the way to retirement you’ve certainly earned a discount on services.

The Water Resistance will not only design an affordable waterproofing system but will also give you a 10% discount on your Waterproofing work.

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