About Shower Seal

Remove & Re-apply all Silicon

Seal Corner Joint

Replace Wall Grout

Check Taps & Seal Behind Them

Seal Wall/Floor Joints with flexible waterproof grout

Check & Renew Floor Grout Where Necessary

Check Floor Waste & Seal if Needed

We believe that the initial diagnosis of a leaking shower should be done with a professional level of training and experience. Some houses constantly move and require a floor and base of wall re-tile and membrane otherwise grout or seals will crack the next time the building moves. This should be diagnosed before a shower seal begins otherwise you could be repairing your shower on a regular basis.

Owner and field manager Tim Rogers is fully licensed in all aspects of construction waterproofing making The Water Resistance one of the only companies of this kind to offer a licensed water proofer for both repairs, quality control and quotes.

Tim has successfully sealed more than two thousand showers and needless to say he’s seen just about every way a shower can leak. Most leaks are similar but some can be harder to detect. That’s where The Water Resistance stands out from other companies. Drawing from a wealth of training and experience we will actually show you the cause of the leak before we start work. Some companies prefer to send a technician out to start work without seeing the job at hand.

Not every shower can be sealed without replacing tiles but The Water Resistance will let you know this before any work begins. This way you will get a definite fix.

Due to our work philosophy, we have many happy clients. The Water Resistance will communicate with you at every step, firstly by showing you the leak, explaining the process (in language you understand) and finally reporting on your rejuvenated, leak free shower.

Full seal, $550 for showers up to 1m2, includes a 12 year warranty!

Our Sealing Method

Our Sealing Method comprises:

  • Removing old silicon from the screen and replacing with new silicon
  • Removing and renewing grout from walls & floor where necessary 
  • Grinding wall/floor joints with a specialised diamond tipped grinder and applying a flexible, waterproof grout 
  • Sealing around taps to gaurd against leaking O-rings 
  • Inspect & seal waste grate if needed
  • And finally a hydro barrier seal over the floor and base of walls
  • We leave nothing to chance

Full seal, $550 for showers up to 1m2, includes a 12 year warranty!

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