Seal your shower or balcony without removing tiles

Fix your leaking shower without removing tiles

Showers leak for a variety of reasons though the main cause is building movement. The area where the wall meets the floor is the usual cause as the grout tends to crack allowing water to enter the sub floor. However this and a variety of other causes can be fixed without removing the tiles.

Your shower could be fully sealed simply by professionally sealing all the known areas where leaks are likely to start.


Our Sealing Process

Whatever the reason for your leaking shower, The Water Resistance is fully licensed in construction waterproofing and knows every area of the shower or screen where leaks occur. We’re so confident of this we will actually show you the cause of the leak when we provide an on-site assessment and quote.

We like to pinpoint the leak, determine the cause and provide a definite solution. We will also explain the process in easy to understand language so you know what you’re paying for.

If in the unlikely event that your shower can’t be fixed without removing tiles, we can provide you with a quote to re-membrane and re-tile the base of your shower wall and floor. You can be assured of sound advice as our quality control technician is also fully certified in construction waterproofing.


Our method of sealing your shower is comprised of a number of steps not only to ensure we fix the leak but also to safeguard against future leaks and restore your shower to its former glory, all with our 12 year warranty.

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Using the same method as our shower seal we can repair your balcony without removing tiles. Your balcony can be fully sealed simply by professionally resealing all the known areas where leaks are likely to start.


Our Sealing Method

Our Sealing Method comprises:

  • Removing old silicon from the screen and replacing with new silicon

  • Removing and renewing grout from walls & floor where necessary 

  • Grinding wall/floor joints with a specialised diamond tipped grinder and applying a flexible, waterproof grout 

  • Sealing around taps to gaurd against leaking O-rings 

  • Inspect & seal waste grate if needed

  • And finally a hydro barrier seal over the floor and base of walls

  • We leave nothing to chance

Full seal, $550 for showers up to 1m2, includes a 12 year warranty!


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